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Current Season Details

Camp GOTR will return next summer!

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  • The registration period will begin in April 2023
  • Camp GOTR standard schedule is 4 hours per day, 5 days a week (1/2 day program)
  • Camp GOTR is our exclusive summer program, designed for girls entering 3rd through 5th grade
Two girls

Fin-Aid - Camp

Financial Aid

Participation scholarships are applied within the online registration process. Simply answer the scholarship questions during registration, and the computer will determine your eligibility and adjust the fee accordingly.  Please contact us with any registration or scholarship questions or issues. 

May 1 - August 1

  • May 1 - August 1

    Camp GOTR registration period

  • July

    Camp GOTR Coach Training

  • August

    Camp GOTR in multiple locations

Reg fees - Camp

Registration Fees

Building confidence and a healthy lifestyle is PRICELESS! However, there are real costs associated with operating a non-profit organization and delivering the Girls on the Run program to approximately 500 3rd-8th graders in central and southern Connecticut each year. Our participant registration is between $175 and $200 (depending on location) and includes:

  • 20 camp hours conducted by certified GOTR volunteer coaches
  • All curriculum and lesson materials and supplies
  • Camp GOTR bracelet and water bottle
Registration Fee Guide
Registration Type Price
Full-Price Registration  $175 - $200
Financial Aid Option 1  25% Fee Reduction
Financial Aid Option 2  50% Fee Reduction
Financial Aid Option 3 75% Fee Reduction
COVID-19 Information

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Ma fille n’est pas une grande coureuse. Est-ce que ce programme lui conviendra? OU Ma fille est déjà une coureuse expérimentée. Est-ce que ce programme lui conviendra?

My girl isn't a big runner; is this program for her? OR My girl is already a skilled runner. Is this program for her?

Yes! We are much more than a running program, and every participant can benefit from the experience of building confidence through accomplishment while participating in our rich, curriculum-based, age-appropriate, interactive lessons. Expect lots of games, talking, laughing and processing in addition to running at each practice. And know that when we say run, we mean run, walk, skip, roll or push, just as long as you are moving foward!

What does the program fee include?

Though our actual cost per participant is over $270, through generous donations and grant funding we are able to offer programming for between $170 and $195, with the opportunity for partial and full scholarships. Program registration fee includes all lesson materials, GOTR curriculum, journals, activity sheets, creative materials, t-shirt (Fall/Spring), GOTR bracelet (Camp GOTR), and more. 

We can't afford the program registration fee, but our child would love to participate. How does the scholarship program work?

Don't let cost stop you from participating! We are committed to making Girls on the Run accessible to all who want to particpate! Thanks to generous donors and community supporters, program scholarships are available to any family who needs it, and we can also provide appropriate running shoes and attire if necessary. The online registration form will walk you through a few questions to find the fee that is right for your family based on a sliding scale.

When does the season begin?

The fall season typically start mid to late September, ending the first week of December. Spring season starts late Feb or early March, with seson ending mid to late May. Camp GOTR is offered throughout July and August. Exactly season timelines will be shared by the GOTR staff and by your girl's coaches prior to and throughout each season of programming.

Do girls need to attend every practice?

Yes! We do have attendance requirements for each season of programming. If you anticipate that your girl will be unable to attend all the sessions, please save room for a girl who can, and consider joining us in a future season when she can enjoy the entire program.

Is there a way for me to sponsor a participant for a season?

Yes! As a mission-driven 501(c)3, Girls on the Run relies on generous donors in order to provide more than $30,000 in program scholarships for families in need. Click here to sponsor a participant this season.